Performer Profile - Rick Adam

Rick Adam

Programs offered include:


 Exciting interactive program featuring sing-a-longs, juggling and more exploring the 5 senses.Rick

So get on board the Express Train and journey on a trip of how we built this great country!



Fit as a Fiddle! Fun with Fitness 


Professor Paddy-Whack shares his personal fun tips to fitness, in this exciting and imaginative new program. Children actively participate, learning fun ways to create health and fitness by becoming arts athletes. Together, they explore non-competitive paths through the creative expressive use of mime, movement, and music.

Everyone gets to exercise not only their bodies but their imaginations, discovering for themselves through the arts of juggling, hand shadows, dance and song, that they too can become arts athletes.  Fun for all!







Enchanting fairy tales and stories of wonder are created out of simple hand and shadow puppetry.  European folkloric fantasy tales come to life with a cast of characters such as elves, fairies, giants and trolls. All you need is a child’s imagination.





Discover the timeless magic of hand shadows. Using hands and simple cutouts this program illustrates familiar stories, tales,
and fables from around the world.  Audiences will learn, firsthand how to cast shadows on a wall and create worlds where anything is possible.



This mesmerizing program of the wonders of winter explores world tales through the magical art of Shadow Theater and is sure to warm holiday hearts of young and old


Professor Paddy-Whack’s “One Man Junk Band” takes a fresh interpretation of the Beatles with musical zaniness playing such favorites as "Help,”"Twist and Shout,” Ob-La-Di" and "Yesterday" played on a musical saw!

Threaded with some fun facts about the "Fab Four" the show is sure to get audiences Twisten' and Shoutin' Yeah,Yeah,Yeah! (Fun for all ages) 



Rick Adam

ShadowTales For grades K-6 

Discover the timeless magic of hand shadows. Using hands and simple cutouts this program illustrates familiar stories, tales and fables with shadow. Audiences will learn, firsthand how to cast shadows on a wall and create worlds where anything is possible. 


Red's Recycle-O-Rama For grades K-6

A fun way to become more planet-friendly

Rick AdamAssisted by Rusty the recycling dog, Red uses audience participation, storytelling, magic, juggling, hand shadows, original songs, and Red’s Original One-Man Junk Band to offer fun-loving tips on how and why to recycle, reuse, and reduce. Through this ingenious, high energy performance, discover creative and concrete ways that your home and community can become more planet-friendly.

Zany performer, Rick Adam, becomes Red, the old-timer who has been the head honcho of the local recycling station for the past 20 years. With the help of his puppet dog, Rusty, he demonstrates the how and why of recycling. He presents the imaginative musical saga of Farmer Abel and his motorized picnic table, uses hand shadows to present a Native American story about respecting the environment, gets volunteers to play Red’s Recycle-O-Rama Game, and performs Red’s One Man Junk Band. Through this active, fun, and participatory performance, Red gives reasons for recycling, advice on how to save energy, and suggestions on how to create less waste. Children will be inspired to become active participants in conservation, and come away with useful tips to reduce, reuse, and recycle.


rickAlso available from Rick Adam for purely fun family entertainment—

One-Man Parade

A one-man vaudeville entertainment

Rick Adam presents a continuous collage of energizing entertainment, including hand shadows, musical saw, juggling, magic, hat tricks, laugh riot comedy skits, marvelous object manipulation, and the most intricate and entertaining one-man band you ever saw!

Rick Adam


 For grades pre-K-5:

Songs and Silly Stuffback


Songs and Silly Stuff with Professor Paddy-Whack is an exciting, one-man carnival of fun. Featuring Rick Adam and his One Man Junk Band, the program includes: sing-a-longs, musical saw, amazing juggling, baffling rope tricks, and hand shadows sure to inspire flash light fun!

Perfect family entertainment for camps, libraries, fairs, festivals or recreation programs, Songs and Silly Stuff is guaranteed old time summer silliness!


For grades K-5:

rickHoliday Extravaganza

A fun-filled winter variety show

Rick Adam performs his entertaining vaudeville act, highlighted with songs and stories of snow, sledding, winter, and the holiday season.


Social Issues Theatre Character Education

RICK ADAM is a multi-talented artist, who uses his skills as a musician, mime, juggler, actor and circus performer to entertain and educate.

Programs are available for all ages, K-12, and family audiences. Performances and workshops travel to your facility for live presentations.

For grades K-6:

Healthy Choices

Self-esteem, conflict resolution, healthy eating, and

substance awareness for young children

Rick Adam:

With a unique combination of original songs, hand shadows, mime, and circus arts and audience participation, Rick Adam’s spellbinding performance takes a caring look at growing up and believing in one’s self. This uplifting and thoroughly entertaining program boosts self-esteem, and empowers children to make positive choices for healthy living.

Grades K-3 focuses on developing healthy choices around food, exercise, emotions and having fun.

Grades 4-6 expand on how to make positive choices and create a balanced lifestyle.

Through this creative production, audiences learn how invention, intelligence, persistence, and ingenuity can solve any problem. This is theatre that is both musical and magical! Workshops are available to accompany the show, teaching students juggling or hand shadows, while further boosting their self esteem.

For grades K-6:

Be Cool, Be Safe

A positive solution to bullying and violence

Rick Adam has created a fun jam of original music, mime, circus stuff, and audience participation that really rocks! This dynamic program teaches children simple, user friendly tools to maintain harmony at school and safety on the Internet and in the world. Using a fun jam of music, participation and circus skills, children gain the power to tame tempers, prevent violence, address bullying, spark cooperation, and celebrate differences.

It is an educational, enchanting, and highly entertaining performance designed to leave the audience with plenty of creative tools to build and maintain harmony in our world.

"Be Cool, Be Safe" uses fun skits and songs to give kids valuable tools which help them to get along with others and express their feelings in positive ways.

For grades 5-12:

A Journey Through Addiction

Confronting substance abuse and related issues

Rick Adam:

Using original music, drama, mime, special effects, and vaudeville, this compelling autobiographical theatre production (complete with scenery, costumes and props) explores alcoholism, drug dependency, eating disorders, teen suicide, and self-destructive attitudes. Rick Adam’s effective performance touches the heart while tickling the funny bone, as he offers tools for solving problems, making healthy choices, and building self-esteem.

At the age of 14, Rick Adam weighed 229 pounds, had a 46-inch waist, and lived in an addicted and dysfunctional family. How he learned to cope with these problems and overcome his own drug addiction and negative internal messages makes thought-provoking and compelling theatre.

By creating a skillful and exciting theatrical experience, while connecting emotionally with the audience through his true story, Rick’s messages hit home, successfully affecting the thoughts and behaviors of his audience. Throughout the program, Rick teaches and encourages creative problem-solving, avoiding negative behaviors, personal goal setting, making healthy choices, avoiding peer pressure, and developing a positive self-image.

Substance abuse, eating disorders, and teen suicide are among the most important issues facing teenagers today. Rick’s story of becoming a drug-free, nationally recognized performer provides an inspiration for all students by showing that it is possible to overcome obstacles and live happy, healthy lives.

For grades 5-12:

Resolving Rage

Channeling aggression, preventing violence, and smoothing conflicts

Rick Adam:

Rick’s engaging personality and captivating style will mesmerize his audience while providing them with tools to control tempers, relieve frustration, address bullying, resist peer pressure, and celebrate differences. He effectively delivers his message by creating an emotional bond with his audience, using original songs, contemporary music, personal experiences, and theatrical techniques.

Rick Adam grew up as the overweight son of an alcoholic father in a factory town in Rhode Island. He experienced the drunken anger of his father, the taunting of his classmates, and his own frustrations and expressions of rage. He learned to use his passion for music along with a sense of humor to cope with his feelings, and to channel them into appropriate and productive directions. As an adult, Rick worked with youth in prisons, discovering their inner problems, and helping them to view the world in a more compassionate manner.

In his program, Resolving Rage, Rick bonds with the audience by relating his personal experiences. He delivers positive messages while captivating the audience with his original songs, winning style, and contemporary sound. He offers specific tools for dealing with peer pressure, dissipating prejudice, developing empathy, releasing frustrations, and managing anger. Rick’s special talents of mime, juggling, and comedy add extra spice to this invaluable program.

With the growth of technology, today’s youth are experiencing more pressure than ever, while going through an already difficult time of life. Rick’s program will provided mesmerizing entertainment, while delivering vital, life-saving messages. It is a performance that every teenager should see.

For grades 5-12:

Rick AdamShakin' Up Shakespeare

Literature is brought to life, with a focus on teen issues of today

This enlightening and entertaining program explores, in a fresh new way, the World of Shakespeare. Equipped with only an electrical guitar and his arsenal of stage skills, Rick Adam brilliantly translates into modern times, Hamlet, The Tempest, Romeo and Juliet and other works of the Master. Lacing with humor and personal stories, Rick shares his journey of how, at 18, he stepped off the streets and onto the Shakespearian stage. Students will get to examine ageless teen themes of young love, self-esteem, family issues, peer pressure, honesty, anddiscover for themselves that the "Old Bard" still rocks, raps and rules!  



Folk Songs and Tales That Build America 


Performed on his Professor Paddy-Whack One Man Junk Band


 Using instruments built out of tin cans, a washboard, bells, whistles and a cigar box, among other things, Rick Adam, Professor Paddy-Whack leads sing-a-longs, audience participation and  tells tall-tales with hand shadows in this fun-filled, innovative new program.  We’ll explore such familiar American work songs as; John Henry, Working on the Railroad, Erie Canal and more!


Also, experience the wonder of Paul Bunyan in hand shadows and puppetry. 


Audiences will learn how to build and use simple folk instruments made from everyday objects.

For all grades:

Circus of Success Workshops

Interactive workshops to build positive self-imaging

In these interactive workshops, students will not only learn the fun of the new skill of juggling, or the creative expression of hand shadows, they will also learn about mapping personal goals, positive self-imaging, building self-esteem, and overcoming stage fright. They make a wonderful companion to the performances, or they can stand on their own.

Be Cool, Be Safe Workshops

Interactive workshops to control emotions and channel aggression

Using mime, creative and expressive movement, and role playing games and exercises, Rick addresses the issues of channeling aggression, preventing violence, smoothing conflicts, and making healthy choices. Through fun games and exercises, students will gain tools to control tempers, relieve frustration, resist peer pressure, resolve rage, celebrate differences, and empathize with others. The workshops will reinforce the messages in Rick's social issues performances, or they can stand on their own.

RICK ADAM has been performing, teaching, and inspiring people of all ages for over 20 years. He has combined his extensive theatrical and musical experience and training with his own life experience to create original theatrical performances that both educate and entertain. Adam has toured widely, from elementary schools to colleges to maximum security prisons, from Rhode Island to Russia. He has acted with the Trinity Square Repertory Company and has appeared in films and on television. He was featured on a PBS show about one-man bands, which is now in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institute.

“Without preaching, Mr. Adam entertained and informed and left a lasting impression on students and staff....I am happy to recommend his program.”

—Strafford School, Strafford, NH

“Rick's performance was engaging, educating, funny, and touching. He seemed to really 'reach' many of our kids.”

—Vandermeulen High School, Port Jefferson, NY

“ His message was delivered so effectively that many teachers did not teach their class's prepared lessons, but took more time to discuss all that he had given them.”

—Blind Brook Junior/Senior High School, Rye, NY

“He left his audience with a wonderfully positive feeling and asking for more.”

—Lincoln Academy, Newcastle, ME

“His uncanny ability to both educate and delight, share and learn, and provoke both laughter and tears for all ages is evident throughout.”

—Kennebunk Middle Sch., Kennebunk, ME

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