Performer Profile - SUPER SCIENTIFIC CIRCUS (Mr. Fish, Lisa Lou & Co.)

(Mr. Fish, Lisa  Lou, & Co.)



The Water Magic Show


All living things need water.  In this magical performance students learn about the properties of water through a series of amazing visuals set to gentle music with simple explanations. (Pre-K Unit)




Everything changes, people, trees, flowers, insects, the seasons, the days and the nights.  This magical, musical and soothing performance helps young minds understand that everything transforms and changes. (Pre-K Unit)


  The Building Blocks of the World

 Atoms, Matter, Molecules and More…. 

The smallest parts of our world are often the most magical!  

Circus skills and magic are to used explain scientific principles that build our world one thing at a time.  Filled with fun and audience participation everyone learns that science is fun! 




Lisa Lou and Mr. Fish embrace all styles of learning.  Shows use multiple intelligences to communicate educational and entertaining content.   All abilities in volunteers are welcome their unique gifts to the show. All programs are sensory sensitive and can be adapted for any learning style! yes, we have a decibel meter. There are no strobes, no sudden or loud noises.



Scientific Circus Shows and Activities

Super Scientific Circus Amazing feats make science fun!

(all programs adaptable for K-8th grades)

Mr. Fish and Lisa Lou present humorous and exciting performances that encourage curiosity and critical thinking, using circus tricks, magic tricks, and audience participation to present "kid-friendly" demonstrations of scientific principles, appropriately adjusted for grades K-3, 4-6, or 7-8 . Much of the phenomena in the performance can be done by students in class or at home.

  In-classroom workshops are also offered upon request. 



 Circus Fitness Fun! 




Get physically fit while learning circus skills, in this fun filled, fast paced show. Veteran circus performers Mr. Fish or Lisa Lou, will teach circus skills that will help keep children physically fit.

Learn how to balance feathers and brooms, spin plates, juggle, throw boomerangs and more.  Lots of physical fun for everyone! 






The Mystery and History of Magic

This fast paced funny and amazing magic show explores the mysteries and history of Magic.  Volunteers float in mid-air.  Things disappear and reappear.  A box that can be picked up with one finger suddenly becomes too heavy to pick up with both hands!   The audience is hypnotized and the magician’s head appears to grow bigger than smaller!  Many of the hero’s of the world of magic are introduced and their famous illusions are demonstrated. 

These tricks and many others are guaranteed to amaze and amuse both children and adults alike. (All ages)


Bubble Fun for Everyone

  Everyone loves bubbles; join Mr. Fish or Lisa Lou blowing and popping bubbles.  Includes bubble machine, inflatable pools filled with bubbles and wands, little wands, big wands and giant wands.  Fun for all! (All ages). 

This program has specific requirements, is offered as half or full day, and MUST be an outdoor program.



Programs include: 


Join Mr. Fish, or Lisa Lou in this fast paced visual show designed specifically with the purpose of creating excitement for Mathematics.  The performers explore curriculum specific mathematical principles. Magic, music, circus skills and audience participation keep students focused and excited about math while clarifying the basic concepts which are the building blocks for the rest of their mathemagical lives! Programs offered for Grades K-2, and Grades 3-5 


Mr. Fish in

Phenomenal Physics

Using his circus skills, Mr. Fish proves that science can beMr. Fish prepares to pull a tablecloth from under a willing spectator amazing with tricks involving bubbles, balloons, bull whips, eggs and a table stacked with glasses. Discover the concepts of friction, velocity, and inertia by witnessing a tablecloth safely pulled out from under various objects. Learn about the structure of Roman arches by the juggling of eggs. Find out about aerodynamics from flying boomerangs. Experience a sonic boom with the cracking of a whip. See how everyday objects can be used to present a wide range of principals. The audience learns how to make and throw their own boomerang, how to make giant soap bubbles, and how to stick a needle through a balloon without popping it!

Virtually all the phenomena in the performance can be done by students in class or at home. Excite children about the fascinating world of science through this fun-packed performance!

either Mr. Fish or Lisa Lou in

Fabulous Forces (formerly "The Anti-Gravity Show")

Super Scientific CircusSuper Scientific Circus

Gravity, the center of gravity, centripetal and centrifugal force, sound waves, air pressure and flight are demonstrated and explained in this fast paced and funny show. Lots of audience participation.

(This show is available in ASL.)

either Lisa Lou, or both Mr. Fish and Lisa Lou in

The Magic of  Chemistry

Super Scientific CircusMagic tricks and circus skills help explain atoms, molecules, the elements, compounds, solutions, magnetism, and static electricity. Using ingredients found in everyday life, a balloon inflates all by itself, plain water changes colors and disappears, and liquids "magically" become solids. Whether juggling "atoms" and "molecules," or explaining electrons as their hair stands on end (with the help of a VanDeGraaf generator), this delightful show beguiles the audience while introducing simple and effective science concepts. (This show is available in ASL.)

either one or two performers in

The Science of Magic

The secrets of magic are scientifically revealed!  Most magic tricks and illusions that have confounded and confused audiences for centuries actually have scientific explanations. This show uses mirrors, magnets, air, optical illusions, and mental confusions to educate and delight the audience, demonstrating the principals of light, sight, reflection, magnetism, memory, air pressure, and logic. We can’t give away all of our secrets, but we CAN show the audience tricks that they can learn to do themselves. 

Children will learn how to make a ball roll around on its own with the invisible force of magnets. They will learn how to make their head disappear, using mirrors. AND they will learn how to create their own optical illusion. Children will learn these and more in a lively, interactive, and educational performance. (This show is available in ASL.)

Lisa Lou & Miz Liz in

The Magic of Energy

Super Scientific CircusWhat happens when all the gas and oil run out?

Join Lisa Lou and Miz Liz as they take a comic but factual search through four different renewable energy sources: Solar, Hydro-Electric, Wind and Bio Mass, and how and when to use each one!

This program is filled with scientific explanations, amazing magic, incredible circus skills, audience participation and lots of "Energy!" 





Amazing Activity Zone

an interactive traveling MUSEUM, STAGE SHOW, and ACTIVITY CENTER

Super Scientific CircusThis hands-on area is designed for children and their parents. Various stations remain set up throughout the day with colorful banners, historical photos, and fun science information. Each station features a unique activity for children and adults, guided by our professional monitors, where they can learn to spin plates, juggle scarves, throw boomerangs, balance feathers, walk on a beam and much more.  As a special highlight, every hour the professional Super Scientific Circus performers present a 10 minute show, teaching scientific principles in a fun and funny way.  These circus skills bring to life science concepts including the center of gravity, balance, flight, centripetal force, aerodynamics, light, sound waves, and more!

This program is designed for Science Fairs, Museums, Camps, School Activity Days, Community Days, and Festivals.

Also available for purely fun entertainment:


LisaSuper Circus StuffMr Fish

Mr. Fish and Lisa Lou can present one or two-person circus shows, full of comedy, excitement and participation. They will perform many of the exciting circus routines used in the above shows, but without the scientific explanations. These 45-90 minute programs are appropriate for family entertainment in theatres, libraries, parks, camps, festivals, and community events—wherever you are looking strictly for some fun and hilarity. Inquire about the details!


Master Classes

In this program, Mr. Fish or Lisa Lou will offer intense guidance to help students along the way to truly mastering a skill and a concept.  This program will take a few skills and really explore and understand them in depth from several different angles, providing a thorough, active understanding of the scientific concepts.

Available only for: Phenomenal Physics, The Anti Gravity Show and Super Circus Stuff when booked with the program.

MR. FISH (John James Lepiarz) is a longtime professional circus performer. He toured for 7 years with the Big Apple Circus. He has appeared on national television on HBO and ABC’s Great Circus Performances of the World. He has toured his own two-man show, The Funny Stuff Circus, to Hong Kong, Taiwan, and all over the United States and Canada. A graduate of Oberlin College and the LeCoq School of Mime and Clown in Paris, Mr. Fish is the proud father of 4 children.

LISA LOU (Lisa B. Lewis) graduated from the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Clown College, and toured the country as an advance clown for the circus. She has presented her unique set of circus skills from Nagasaki, Japan to Atlantic City, NJ, and has also been entertaining hospitalized children as a member of the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit. Lisa Lou has performed her own circus and science shows all over the tri-state area. With a BA from Brandeis University, and an MA in Clown/Circus History from NYU, Lisa Lou is the proud mother of one amazing daughter.

"John's productions are totally engaging, artistically sound and delightfully fun,...captivating the imaginations and stimulating the intellects of audience members of all ages."

—North Shore Music Theatre, Beverly, MA

"This show was by far the most unique show our school hosted! The children were on the edges of their seats with excitement."

—Our Lady of Fatima, Scarsdale, NY

"The rapid fire exposition of his ‘bag of tricks,’ along with his effervescent personality, presented a program that was fascinating, entertaining, and artfully correlated to many scientific principles."

—Evergreen School, Scotch Plains, NJ

"In addition to the fine entertainment you provided, your activities supported many elements in our science curriculum."

—Smith School, Saddle Brook, NJ

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